Report sightings and roadkill

One of the most important ways community members can help the Urban Caracal Project is to report sightings, especially if pictures can be provided, and to report roadkill (ASAP!).  We aim to understand the threats to their survival in this urban environment. By studying animals that die in the area, we are able to learn about their ability to survive and persist in urban areas, and threats (such as pesticide exposure) to their ability to survive longterm. Samples acquired from roadkill also play a key role in our understanding of the genetic health of caracals in the Cape Peninsula. The more eyes we have on the ground, the much more we will learn!

Please report roadkill and other sightings immediately to:

Dr. Laurel Serieys

  • 079-837-8814 (SMS easiest since Laurel is often in areas with poor reception)


Caracal sightings report form

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Date of sighting
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out our sightings form!  We appreciate your support!